Adrienne’s Boutique

Free Shoes To The Rescue

Our story is the same as your story, which makes us neighbors in good times and difficult times. These were some of the difficult times where we had to depend on others outside of Baton Rouge to help us.

I placed a large shoe order with Corky’s Footwear, a long time vendor, only to have to cancel it the next day.  Knowing what we were going through in the Baton Rouge area, my rep and the owner worked behind the scenes to call and say, “If you pay for the shipping, we will send you a full pallet of shoes to share with every woman who needs a pair.”

Hearing this, I started going through my inventory to see what shoes I could donate to help more women.  We searched in every corner of the store too.

From the air, flooded houses look like buildings in a lake.  But when Mom’s, daughters, sisters, wives, and girlfriends walk in needing a pair of shoes because they lost everything in those little houses, we all cried tears of sorrow and joy…as they tried shoes on.

Around here, people work very hard in different industries.  Many women were timid when they walked in, but once we put our arm around them, then had a quick cry, we found them a beautiful pair of shoes to take home.

Once the Corky’s Footwear shoes were given out, I called Pierre Dumas to ask how they could help.  When you lose everything, one phone call is easy to make.  Thankfully, Pierre Dumas said they too would send a pallet of shoes if we paid the shipping.

In total, we gave away 850 pairs of shoes.  During catastrophe’s, being able to help one woman feel a little happier would have made starting Adrienne’s Boutique rewarding, but making 850 women feel better during such trying times will always be humbling.

Our staff, local media, and women who came in passed the word around every way they could made the giveaway successful.  There are 1700 happy feet out there and I will always be thankful to everyone for letting me help them.

I am very thankful to have such great company’s like Corky’s Footwear and Pierre Dumas share their shoes with my friends and neighbors when they were in dire need.

It seems like every other day a woman comes in to tell me their flood story that ends with how our shoe giveaway helped them feel better and empowered.  But mostly, they say they felt humbled and appreciated.

Baton Rouge Clothing Styles
Business Vision Is Easy

Getting a customer to trust a sales reps recommendations isn’t always easy, but I figured out how to do it (almost) effortlessly.

I build a relationship with my customers to learn about them. I take the time to engage in a conversation about their tastes, style and social calendar.  How fortunate I am to open a boutique that lets me find clothes that make a beautiful woman sparkle for personal, business or evening events.

Once I know your taste, I order the clothes that I think you will like.  As my customers begin to work with me, it isn’t long before they trust me to step outside the box when I try to get them try on something that they may not be 100% confident in.

But once they put something new on, they love it!

If you are like my customers, you want a boutique that shows an interest in you looking great per your event or situation.  We want your style to be noticed while we dressed you to be remembered.

You have upcoming plans!  Stop by and let’s plan your clothing style together.

I look forward to meeting you.